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Register Reward FAQ
11-14-2009, 02:30 AM
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Register Reward FAQ
If you don't see a Q answered below, please post your question here.

Q: What exactly are Register Rewards (RR) ? Are they like cash off your next order (OYNO).
A: They are catalinas that print up after your qualifying purchases. The OYNO RR can be used like cash toward future purchase.

Q: What is a catalina and catalina machine ?
A: The catalina machine is a different machine that sits right next to the one that prints the receipt. Some catalinas will print when an item is scanned. The RR seem to come out of the machine after transaction is complete (paid). The catalinas also look different than the register tape.

Q: Will more than one register rewards print out on the same transaction (buy 2 different products that each have a register reward)?
A: If you buy two (or more) DIFFERENT register rewards items in one transaction, one reward each will print. However, if you buy two of the SAME item, only one RR will print. Best to do separate transactions. Never purchase 2 of the same item in one transaction unless specified or you will only get one RR and not one per item.

Q: Do you bring up all the items to the register and request they ring them separately?
A. That is the easiest way. Store management may have their own policy on this practice.

Q: Can I use my RR at other stores ?
A: Walgreen's RR's should only be used at Walgreen's, unless your store has a policy that allows them to be accepted as competitor coupons.

Q: Can I use manufacturer coupons with a RR/Catalina OYNO coupon ?
A1: The register considers the RR a manf coupon. You cannot have more coupons than items. If you have coupons for every product you are buying, the RR will beep. So you'll need to throw in a filler item. Look for cheap stuff in the clearance section or get a pack of $0.25 item (the manager should be able to make the RR go through but that's highly YMMV and not usually worth the hassle)
A2: If you use an OYNO & a manf on the same item. The manager has to manually enter one of them*. The OYNO is same as cash. Or you can use a cheap filler item & then not need a cooperative manager, but if you're using an OYNO & other Q from the same mfr, then the OYNO must be scanned last.
*key sequence
Method 1: Second coupon (OYNO) is NOT scanned. Use manager key. Enter amount. Hit mfr coupon. I think this will not always work if there was first an unsuccessful attempt at scanning the OYNO = have to void & start over.
Method 2: (This of course always works). Don't scan either of the coupons. Add the 2 coupon amounts together. Enter that total amount. Hit mfr coupon.
NOTE: Cash drawer balances on coupons on either of these 3 methods.

Q: Can I combine a manf catalina and an insert manf coupon?
A: You can't combine these, you have to use one or the other. They are both manf coupon.

Q: Are RR and Catalinas manufacturer coupons ?
A: Not all RRs are MQ but most often they are.

Q: Can I use RR to purchase gift cards? Do I need to add filler items for it to work?
A: No Register Rewards can not be used to purchase gift/phone/prepaid cards.

Q: Can I use more than 1 RR per order ?
A: You can use your Register Rewards but you can not have more coupons than you have items. It might be easier to ring up items in separate transactions, but please check with the store management. If you have further questions, please contact Walgreens Advertising Department at 847-914-2500.
NOTE: make sure you have equal number of manf coupons/RR and items. These are called "filler items". Inexpensive candy or gum are examples of fillers. Some stores will not allow you to use 2 or more of the same type of RR in one transaction. For example, not allowing two $10 P&G RR but do allow a $2, $4 and a $10 RR in one transaction. Again, please comply with the "one per order" as applicable.
TIP: you can use a 7-day or IVC on a filler item and does not count toward your total # of manf coupons used.

Q: If I use an RR generated from product X and buy another of product X will another RR print?
A: BEWARE! This is known as rolling RRs. Many times the register will not print an RR for product X if an RR generated from product X was used to pay for that transaction. So a BIG YMMV. If you find that an RR is or is not rolling, post in the forum for others benefit/awareness. The key to maximize the RR program is to use RR from X to buy product Y that will also generate a RR saving you less OOP cost.

Q: Most RR require you to buy $X of a product/brand. For the dollar amount that it requires, is that computed on the the regular price, sale price, before mfc, after mfc, before store coupons, after coupons, etc?
A: The amount counted toward the requirement is the total of the items at the sale price before any other discounts (ES coupons, manufacturer coupons,etc.) are taken off.
If you use coupons and the RR does not print and the mgr says it's because you used MANF coupons, you may want to have them re-ring without using coupons to show that it's not the use of coupons that is making the RR not print. Be sure you have all the right sizes, etc before trying this option.
Using manufacturer coupons and/or paying with a gift card should have no barring on whether the coupon prints out.

Q: My catalina expired, am I outta luck ?
A: Ask at the store. As a general policy, you're out of luck.

Q: What if the Catalina is torn and won't scan?
A: They can enter the #s manually IF the #s part in small print is visible.

Q: What if I return an item that I received an RR on ?
A? Per the terms on the RR, the RR must be surrendered at the time the items are returned. If you've already used the RR, then you would not be able to return the items for a refund.

Q: There is an "F" by the product name purchased. At the bottom of the receipt it says "F=Eligible flex spend acct item (FSA). What does this mean?
A: Some employee benefits packages offer a Flexible Spending Account, or Healthcare Savings Account. The F on the Walgreens receipt indicates the item is an FSA item.
You can find more info here:

Q: My RR/Catalina didn't print. What do I do ?
A1: The store will give you a form to fill out and mail in to catalina
A2: 1-888-8coupon, option 3
A3: use the online form: Contact | Catalina Marketing

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